Coach Morral Interview.

By: Ed Weaver | | August 9, 2007


Second year Running Back's Coach Ed Weaver recently had the chance to sit down with Head Coach Chris Morral to get his thoughts on how the Lycoming College Team Camp went to looking forward to the upcoming season.

Q. What were your impressions from the Lycoming Team Camp?

A. Overall, I feel as though the week went very well. We were able to come together as a team and install our new looks for the 2007 season. I feel as though our guys have a lot of work ahead of them and from what I observed at team camp we have a group of kids who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

Q. What does the coaching staff need to do help the team succeed in 2007?

A. As a staff we need to pay particular attention to details and fundamentals. Many of our athletes our young and some are inexperienced. By paying attention to detail and teaching all players the skills needed to play the game, we will become better as a team.

Q. Jesse Tom was the featured back last year, and received many of the backfield's carries during the course of the season. Will the fans see much of the same pattern as last year, or will the work load be split by the entire backfield throughout the course of the year?

A. Right now it is a little early to say who will carry the load for the Hornets. We have some skilled athletes in the backfield and we will need to wait and see who can step up and fill the shoes of an outstanding running back lost to graduation.

Q. Many of last year's starters are back this season. How will you look to these players to step up this season?

A. At team camp it was nice to see some of those returning starters stepping up into leadership roles. Tim Shaw and Levi Hewitt were both excellent captains lost to graduation. It will be interesting to see who wants to step up and lead the Hornets for the 2007 season.

Q. Tim Shaw graduated last season after leading the Hornets for three seasons at Quarterback, and Cameron Jones is the only returning Quarterback from last year's team. Will using a "young" QB with little game experience affect the team this year?

A. Cameron Jones played very well at camp and I am expecting good things from Cameron this season. Cameron is a very natural athlete with excellent ability in and out of the pocket. Cameron and our young quarterbacks have a lot of work to do between now and week one.

Q. Is there any one game you are looking forward to this year?

A. Week one versus South Williamsport is our first and only priority at this time. As a team we need to take each week as it comes and avoid looking ahead.


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